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Wilson Wells Advisory Services is a specialized consulting firm focused on helping its clients navigate the complex realm in which business and government intersect. Headed by Scott Neitzel, who most recently helmed the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Wilson Wells offers a wealth of experience, knowledge, instinct, and the interpersonal skills to translate complex problems into understandable and actionable solutions. By engaging a limited number of clients, Wilson Wells brings an unrivaled focus and attention to each client’s needs and issues. With over thirty years experience at the highest levels of business-to-business and business-to-government situations, a broad array of industry knowledge, and extensive professional contacts, Wilson Wells has the capability to help clients navigate anything from a focused local issue to the most complex international negotiations and agreements.

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about scott Neitzel

Scott Neitzel, the founder of Wilson Wells Advisory Services, has over 25 years of senior-level experience in government and private sector management. Most recently serving as Governor Walker’s appointed Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA), Neitzel oversaw state government operations including information technology, procurement, budgeting, capital finance, building and grounds, personnel, and other administrative functions.

During his time at the helm of DOA, Mr. Neitzel was directly involved in the formation and passage of two state budgets, played a key role in the negotiation and financing of the new $500 million Bucks arena in Milwaukee, and was integral in the deal that attracted Foxconn and their $10 billion investment to Wisconsin, marking the largest foreign investment in state history.

Neitzel oversaw a number of other major projects at DOA, including the planning of the new Hill Farms State Office Building project, the implementation of shared services for personnel across state government, reform of the state’s civil service law and the implementation of a new enterprise-wide personnel and finance software system. Under Neitzel’s tenure, the state received three ratings agency upgrades. Mr. Neitzel also served as Chair of the Wisconsin Center District Board of Directors, overseeing the new Bucks’ Arena, UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, the Miller High Life Theatre, and the Milwaukee Convention Center, and as a Trustee of the The State of Wisconsin Investment Board, managing Wisconsin’s fully funded, $100 billion state retirement fund.

Prior to joining state government, Neitzel was a Senior Vice President at Madison Gas and Electric Company (MG&E). Mr. Neitzel’s duties included supervision of energy supply, energy forecasting, customer service, gas operations, regulatory and government affairs. Mr. Neitzel had an 18-year tenure at MG&E and served on the American Gas Association’s Leadership Council, the US Department of Energy’s National Petroleum Council, and as a member and Chair of the Wisconsin Utilities Association.

Mr. Neitzel was previously appointed by Governor Tommy Thompson as Commissioner of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin where he led the State’s efforts in the mid-nineties to bring more competition to the state’s electric utilities while maintaining the reliability of the electric delivery system.

Neitzel’s experience in the public sector spans from his years of service throughout Wisconsin government to Washington D.C., where he served in the US Department of Energy Office of Policy and Planning and at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Office of External Affairs.

Mr. Neitzel holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a BS from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.

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